Learning Activity

The EmpowerYouth Training Course took place from 22nd to 25th of March, 2021
A meet link was arranged to can join the course: https://meet.google.com/agx-ydgu-xqj.
The link was valid for all four training days.
Every day, the course started at 16:30h CET and finish around 19:30h CET.
All the participants used an individual computer. (1 person = 1 computer/laptop/notebook)


Day 1- Monday 22-0316:30-19:30Day 2 -Tuesday 23-0316:30-19:30Day 3 – Wednesday 24-0316:30-19:30Day4 – Thursday 25-0316:30-19:30
Welcome and presentation of the project16:30-16:50Energizer16:30-16:45Energizer16:30-16:45Energizer16:30-16:45
Presentation of organisations and participants16:50-17:40Youth Participation16:45-17:05Good Practice Consejoven: Youth Participation Workshops16:45-17:35Associationism and Social Entrepreneurship16:45-18:20
Manual and Platform Presentation17:40-19:05World Cafe17:05-18:25Volunteering and Good Practice Romania17:35-18:45Good Practices Consejoven and Portugal18:20-18:55
Youthpass19:05-19:15Good practicesPortugal: Impact+ and Youth Exchange Project18:25- 19:15Next steps in EmpowerYouth18:45-19:25Course Evaluation and Youthpass18:55-19:45
Youthpass and Evaluation19:25-19:35